The Region

Saltend Chemicals Park is located in the heart of the UK’s Energy Estuary - a thriving super-cluster of world-scale chemicals and energy operations around the Humber, one of Europe’s busiest ports complexes.

Already home to a host of blue chip brands such as Centrica, ConocoPhillips and Croda, the Humber is leading the way in the development of the renewable energy sector, with wind power, tidal technology and biomass all prominent. Saltend was the location of choice for the £350 million Vivergo Fuels plant, the newest and among the largest biofuels production facilities in Europe.

Vivergo followed world-class businesses such as International Power, INEOS and Nippon Gohsei in selecting Saltend for major investment.

The Humber region has the UK’s largest petrochemicals manufacturing plants; accounts for a quarter of the country’s oil refining capacity; and lands and distributes 20% of the UK’s natural gas. Energy is big business here.

“Hull hosts some of the world’s biggest chemical manufacturers and process sector groups, such as BP, Croda, Guardian Industries, Nippon Gohsei, Greenegy and BASF.”

The heart of the UK

Location is a key advantage, with the Humber’s central positioning in the UK, facing out to the Continent, meaning that 75% of UK manufacturing sites can be reached within four hours and customers in mainland Europe within 24 hours.

Connect to Europe and beyond

As well as its connections to the UK heartland, the Humber is a gateway to Europe and the rest of the world.

Logistics companies ship to more than 150 countries from the Humber, Britain’s busiest ports complex with over 170 shipping lines operating regularly from and to the UK gateway to Europe.

Uncongested road links connect the Humber rapidly with the rest of the UK and the region also has two airports and a thriving ferry terminal.

A reputation for excellence

With expertise at the University of Hull’s Logistics Institute and the UK's first operational World Trade Centre, Hull and the Humber is a centre of excellence for logistics and a vital global hub for trade and industry.